November Meeting 2012

Just a friendly reminder that this Thursday is the second Thursday of the month and we will be meeting at Cafe Colonnade downtown.

Cafe Colonnade is located at the corner of Metcalfe and Gilmore. If you need better directions, click on the “Meeting Information” link under the top graphic.

Official start time: 18:00 (unofficial – whenever you get there)
Official end time: 20:00 (people usually start drifting at 19:00 unless they are engaged in a conversation)


  • Mini-install fest – looks like it is time to try out the latest on a variety of hardware. Anyone interested?
    • What is the minimum we can get it running on?
    • How well does it behave under virtualization?
    • Old/New desktops (What’s a desktop?)
    • Older/Newer laptops
    • Nettops?
    • Raspberry Pi port?

See you on Thursday!

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