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November meeting was a success

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Well, we had three people show up, so that makes it much more of a success than the October meeting.

One of the items discussed was the web site and the self-publishing it allows. I’ll be using it as part of the @ocbug twitter feed that I’m planning on starting as a regular part of this group. Hopefully I’ll be a little more regular with tweets than posts.

I also have not yet seen any posts to the mailing list get published, so here’s hoping that starts assisting the population of the site.

In other news, I have downloaded all of the old posts from the original ocuug site and will be adding them to this site as soon as I get a chance to make the database insertion script. I have done it before, so I know it works properly. In a previous post, I mentioned I’ll be tagging the posts as “OCUUG Archive”. The old site is no longer a CMS site, but rather a static site that has a couple of pages and references this site now. It’s almost a year since the change and I am finally getting around to the housekeeping that should have been done many months ago.

November Meeting: Thursday, Nov 10, 2011

This Thursday evening at Cafe Colonnade on Metcalfe and Gilmore, 18:00

No special topics, maybe some discussion on the upcoming release and that mini install we were considering.

For the hardware collectors, I have a few spare parts I’ll be bringing along if anyone is interested. I would prefer to give away some before I drop them off for recycling. There is also a Toshiba T6400 “laptop” in fully operational condition. Requires 120v to run, plasma display.

I think I have configured the website to automatically post mailing list entries for those who don’t do the mailing list thing. We’ll see how that works out.

August followup…

We had a slightly better than normal turnout due to a couple of unexpected arrivals. This should happen more often.

As usual, the conversation was all over the map – Scotch tasting, GPL vs. BSD licensing, Creative Commons, old hardware, OS religious wars, etc. All said, a good evening.

We did decide on the next mini-install day, we are considering either October 15 or 16 (that is the weekend after Thanksgiving for us Canadians) and we will be looking at the current FreeBSD and PC-BSD for that event. The OS images will be available, as well as network connectivity and hopefully we will be live on IRC while we are doing it. I will warn in advance that if you wish to do a USB install, you should create your USB install device in advance, as dumping the full image to a USB stick is a very slow process.

August Meeting: 2011-08-11

Just reminding people that the OCBUG meeting is the 11th at our usual location.

– Next mini-install 9 beta 1?
– What are we doing with BSD?
– Project ideas – Home automation? Weather station? Home radio station?

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