August Meeting: 2013-08-08

Just a reminder that Thursday the 8th will soon be upon us and it will be time for another fascinating OCBUG meeting.

This is going to be a random topic meeting, as I have nothing new to talk about. I will be making an attempt to install PCBSD on a HP elitebook 8440 laptop, so that might make for a full discussion right there. Results at the meeting.

Feel free to add topics as comments!

July Meeting Follow-Up

For those interested in more information on the topics from the meeting, here you go:

Raspberry Pi as a FM transmitter:

Belkin WeMo hacking (not BSD based, but might be possible):

We did not get into the TTL to serial devices, however the link for the USB one from ADAfruit is:

You can also get the converter as a small board that goes to a serial port for those looking for a serial port solution. I picked up a few from ebay.

We also has a discussion on CNC CAM and how one would go about doing it with BSD vs. the existing tools for Linux. This doesn’t seem to be a hot topic in the BSD world, but then again, last night was the first time anyone brought it up in my presence and I have not looked into it yet.

Also, as a fun item, we have a SVG image available mocking devices that do not support IPv6

July Meeting: 2013-07-11

July… We are on the downward spiral for the year šŸ™‚

Based on a recent post from Diane, we can talk about USB to TTL serial converters, consoles and their utility on embedded devices, wemo plugs (and hopefully the future wemo light switch), hacking the wemo, Raspberry Pi as an FM transmitter, etc. Bring out some ideas!

June Meeting: 2013-06-13

Nothing special scheduled, we’ll see what comes up at the meeting. I am looking for someone who can give an ethics talk. I don’t have any specifics yet, but I will be getting those shortly.

May Meeting: 2013-05-09

Just a reminder this Thursday is the May meeting.

I suspect that BSDCan will be the main topic. Dan is expected to be there, so come out if you can make it.

Other topics are welcome, come out and offer a topic or opinion.

For anyone new who does not know the rest of us, look for the table that either has a small pile of DVDs and set or two of BSD daemon horns.

Visit the website for the location if you need to find out where.

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