December meeting will not be hapening

Given the time of year and people with commitments, rather than add one extra item to the list, I’m cancelling the meeting. Given the turn out and the travel requirements for some of us, this should make it a little easier.

Season’s greetings, whatever season you celebrate!

November Meeting: 2013-11-14

Thursday will be the second Thursday of November and that makes it meeting night.

We should raise a glass to FreeBSD for it’s 2o year anniversary last week.


  • sparc emulation – running 4.3 BSD on virtual sun hardware
  • simh and vax BSD
  • other emulation

Other topics will be entertained.

October Meeting: 2013-10-10

Just a reminder that Thursday the 10th will soon be upon us and it will be time for the next OCBUG meeting.


  • FreeBSD 9.2 is out. Anyone planning to update?
  • VirtualBox on FreeBSD status
  • Useful photo management software on FreeBSD. Anyone have a recommendation?IMG_2931 IMG_2932 IMG_2936

September Meeting: 2013-09-12

Just a reminder that Thursday the 12th will soon be upon us and it will be time for the next OCBUG meeting.


  • What oddball hardware can you run BSD on? (and should you?)
  • Using simh and 4.3 BSD

Feel free to add topics as comments!

Post August followup…

It seems we had our largest turn out this time around. Must have been the serial cables.

Diane brought out a beaglebone black running BSD. It was less expensive than I had thought. Apparently Active Electronics stocks them and they go for less than the ones at adafruit, newark element14, etc.


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