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July Meeting was a success…

As we measure it anyway. Seven people is way up from one 🙂

Due to popular demand, we’ll have another one in August and see if we can get at least as many people out. There are rumours of BSD on Pi or Pine. The only way to be sure is to be there.


Post August followup…

It seems we had our largest turn out this time around. Must have been the serial cables.

Diane brought out a beaglebone black running BSD. It was less expensive than I had thought. Apparently Active Electronics stocks them and they go for less than the ones at adafruit, newark element14, etc.


BSDCan 2012 is over

That just about wraps it up for BSDCan 2012. Mark your calendars for BSDCan 2013, May 15-18 I think. I saw it on the screen today, but didn’t write it down. The only events left are social in nature and happen tomorrow. PGCon is next week as well for those who are looking for a good conference on Postgres.

Short summary: Lots of good information. I realized today how woefully ignorant I am with respect to  ZFS functionality. Some of the things I saw today were quite inspiring and I will have to convert my web server over to a BSD base. I think it’s time to (re)learn a lot of things I thought I was familiar with.

For the interested, here are a bunch of photos from the conference. All the pictures near the end with Dan holding odd items are from the charity auction. I bid on one of the biking shirts and won. Modeled near the end, not by me 🙂

FreeBSD News

The April to June 2022 Status Report is now available with 26 entries. [...]

New committer: Felix Palmen (ports) [...]

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