User Group Connect 2013 – Feb 09 at Shopify

For those who haven’t heard me talking about it, we are having an “unconference” at Shopify’s headquarters on February 9th. It is an open event any anybody is welcome to come out and see what user groups we have in the region. You can visit the site at


UGC2013_triangle_whitebgUGC 2013:

  • Drop in to our free relaxed one day unconference.
  • Meet some of the many technical User Groups in Ottawa.
  • Chat with fellow high tech workers, and students.
  • Meet with some of the most tech-friendly local companies.


Why would we do this?

Not everyone knows about all the user groups – the user groups are doing very interesting stuff and sometimes complementary things that would benefit from knowledge of the topics in other user groups. We want to get these doers in the same room together where they can collaborate with and learn from each other.

Why should you go?

  • Meet new people
  • Learn about technical groups
  • Meet people you haven’t seen in a while
    • Invite your ex-co-workers from some ex-employer to meet there, and go for lunch after
  • See new technology (or new-to-you technology)
  • Try out some new technology
  • Play some bzflag

Why should you join a user group?

  • Advance your career
    • Learn new technologies
    • Meet people from other companies that need people to do the same thing you do now
    • Meet people from other companies that need your skills to different things that you aren’t doing now
    • Bullets on the HR checklist – “learns stuff”, “learns from others”
  • Present topics
    • even short ones count
    • practice brings comfort
    • gives you amazing name recognition in the community and makes you an expert


February 9, 2013

General Public: 10:00 – 16:00


Shopify is in the Market area, right downtown, at 126 York Street, half a block east of Dalhousie and the Byward Market, not far from the Rideau Centre Transit Station. Google Map

The entrance for our meetings is at the back of the building, next to the ‘pay’ parking lot. Look for the glass doors with the unicorns on them.

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